Brexit and its impact cannot be overstated. Aside from the social aspects, the economic impact is the single biggest thing to hit international trade and taxation in living memory. Implications are set to be far reaching and the precise details are still largely unknown. However, there are some issues surrounding excise reporting that we already know will be affected by Brexit.

    • Brexit has hastened the CHIEF replacement, CDS
      HMRC has had to accelerate the delivery of the new customs infrastructure to handle the numbers of declarations post-Brexit.


    • The ATWD portal will cease to be
      It’s not commonly known but the ATWD (Alcohol & Tobacco Warehousing Declarations) portal is directed through the back end of CHIEF – so when CHIEF goes so will ATWD.


  • HMRC is replacing all interfaces and access points into their collection systems
    All HMRC portals and websites will be upgraded and replaced with APIs allowing applications to securely and robustly interchange data with HMRC.

Whilst all EU legislation will be adopted initially, the control and application of all things excise will ultimately reside within Whitehall. But inclusion in the EU-wide schemes is not guaranteed so the functionality offered by EMCS and the SEED database may well have to take a very different form than it does currently. The pace of change will be dictated by other commitments but it’s becoming increasingly unlikely that anything will remain unchanged.