Distribution is all about moving your client’s goods when they need them to where they need them, whilst avoiding any time delays or additional costs. Today’s market is fiercely competitive so offering an improved cash flow by having the ability to pay your excise duty at the latest time possible provides you with a distinct advantage. This can be done using either your client’s deferment account or your own.

Our Duty Management System is a true 3rd party logistics solution. It’s able to operate within a single warehouse approval with a single client, or many approvals with multiple clients in each. The system can report at warehouse level showing HMRC a full stock audit trail of when duty suspended products arrived and where they came from (deriving the correct VAT type declaration), to individual client data.

By entering specific order types, the system will generate the correct movement documentation, whether that is a declaration to Home Use via a W5(d), a movement into the EU via EMCS or an export via a commercial equivalent of a C88. Security is paramount in what we do, so no customer will have access to another client’s details.